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Corporate Website Development Services

Modern adaptive design for any device, HTML5 animation effects, well-thought-out project structure, easy navigation, high-quality copywriting, and competent content will help to form the right image of the company on the Internet and make your business selling.
from 1200 $

The basic cost of the project includes the design and layout of 8-12 pages of the site, programming up to four information blocks, two or three feedback forms, a slider, and placement of information in the amount of 50 pages and 50 photos.

"!" When adding an additional language version, the cost increases from 20 to 30%.

Corporate Websites Examples

Sporting-shooting club Palmira
Сorporate Website
Sports and shooting club
Dynasty Drive Tourism
Сorporate Website
Car rental services in the UAE
Сorporate Website
Private Aesthetics Clinic
Zakarpatskyi Mlyn
Сorporate Website
Production and sale of flour
Corporate website
Freight forwarding company
Corporate website
Ship repair and shipbuilding
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Why do you need a corporate website?

"If a company isn't online, it isn't there at all" may sound strange and exaggerated, but that's how business works today. Over the past five years, the consumer's departure into the online world has become increasingly tangible. Even before heading to the service station, the car owner is bound to google a couple of local companies. And if the search engine doesn't give him information about your service station, he simply won't go to it. That's why it's so important to have a corporate website.

Corporate website - the online office of your business

A corporate website is a web resource dedicated to a particular company. It contains information about its activities, contact details, a list of main services, the history of development, and anything else that might be useful to a potential consumer. A corporate website is a full-fledged office of the company. But placed on the Internet.

A prime example of a corporate website is the NASA portal. Nothing is sold here. But here is all the information about the U.S. government agency. Also, corporate sites are the sites of Apple, Prada, etc.

The resource your business needs

Creating a corporate website will be relevant to any company that is interested in:

  • increasing profits;
  • image improvement;
  • increase of recognition.

Developing a corporate resource is an essential part of launching and growing a business. It concerns both international brands (eg, Apple), and regional businesses (eg, a small printing house in Kyiv). For a business to grow and bring profit, it must be present on the Internet.

Useful to create a corporate website will be for hotels and beauty salons, real estate agencies and notaries, construction companies, and wholesalers of industrial equipment in Kyiv and other cities. Its development is necessary if you do not sell goods at retail (in this case, an online store will be more relevant), but provide certain services to consumers.

Features of a successful corporate website

It is possible to create an "Internet office" in social networks. But, firstly, communities do not give consumers the credibility they deserve. And secondly, they do not allow to satisfy all requirements of clients.

The development of a corporate website is an opportunity to provide a user-friendly interface and answer all the questions visitors are interested in. This can be done through:

  • development of a unique, responsive, and user-friendly design;
  • clear navigation;
  • high-quality and relevant content;
  • convenient forms of quick feedback;
  • unobtrusive calls to action.

It is the creation of such sites that the Cursor Web Studio is engaged in. We develop corporate resources to order both for large companies in Kyiv and for small enterprises in other regions, as well as in other countries. All sites are implemented on a turnkey basis and in full accordance with customer requirements and the possible needs of the brand's target audience. Therefore, a ready-made site is easy to manage for users and effective marketing promotion for business owners. You can order the development of such a turnkey project in Kyiv and other cities right now.

Functionality of corporate sites

A corporate website plays one of the leading roles in promoting an entire business. This is due to its extensive functionality:

Creating the right image. A corporate website increases consumer confidence, making the brand more prestigious and trustworthy in their eyes.
Searching for clients. A business website allows you to promote yourself on the internet, attracting new clients and partners.
Building expertise. Through useful blog articles, you can significantly increase your level of expertise and gain the trust of your customers.
Mass information. Through the website, important changes in the company, current promotions and more can be communicated.
Feedback. Users can quickly find contact information or contact the manager to discuss cooperation via chat.
Increasing sales. Internet advertising, SEO and quality content help to increase direct sales from the website.

Where previously a client or potential partner had to come to your office/shop first, now it is enough to go to the business website. There can be thousands or even more such conversions a day. The main thing is to order the creation of a corporate website from a reliable web studio.

Get turnkey websites from the pros - at Cursor

Cursor is a web studio with extensive experience in developing corporate websites on Bitrix, WordPress, Drupal, and other bespoke platforms. We work with all popular and relevant resources and develop selling, effective pages for large and small businesses, and companies from Kyiv and other cities, and countries. We regularly rank high in the IT rating in Ukraine. AZK PARALLEL, NEOTEPO, ORION-STROY, TCA, PALTOS, and others have already entrusted the creation of a business site to our web studio. Now we are ready to develop your corporate project.

There are several reasons for ordering CURSOR services:

  1. Complexity. We carry out all orders on a turnkey basis. The web-studio staff includes designers, layout designers, programmers, and more. Our specialists work as a team, which allows us to achieve the perfect result.
  2. Individuality. The creation of each site is on an individual request. Specialists of Cursor Web Studio do not use templates and universal solutions. Each corporate website is rendered individually and is 100% unique.
  3. Price. We are one of the leaders in Kyiv, Odesa, and other cities in Ukraine. This is possible due to the ideal ratio of "price and quality". Our web studio creates unique and effective sites. At the same time, we maintain reasonable prices.
  4. Quality. Each site passes through several stages of testing, necessarily adapted for all permissions, and filled with content. We approach your orders responsibly and create resources that bring profit.
  5. Flexibility. Specialists approach orders individually. The range of services and the final price of the work are defined on a personal basis.

You can order a "turnkey" corporate website with HTML5 effects, non-standard forms of communication, and interactive games in our web studio. We work with customers from all cities (mainly Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Vinnytsia, and Khmelnitsky) and projects of any type, complexity and guarantee full compliance with your expectations!


We cooperate with market leaders and together we set and achieve important business goals.

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