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SEO Services

Website promotion is a complex step-by-step process, the purpose of which is to bring the pages of your site to the top of Google. This is necessary to regularly get new targeted visitors from search, who are already looking for goods or services offered by you (and who will become your customers or buyers in the future). The promotion of the site is carried out taking into account individual strategies. Our company is ready to offer you quality promotion of commercial and informational websites in Odesa and all over Ukraine!


  1. Guaranteed results in Google;
  2. Achievement of the TOP-10 or "bar" attendance in the set period;
  3. Conversion of requests into real customers for regular sales;
  4. Detailed reports on the promotion of the site;
  5. Plan for improvement and development of the resource to increase the target audience.

When you order a comprehensive website promotion you get the services of a group of specialists:

  • SEO specialist - a person who creates a strategy for promoting the project and oversees all processes;
  • Copywriter - a writer who is fully immersed in the subject of the page and creates unique, enticing texts for its promotion;
  • Programmer - an employee, who corrects absolutely all the errors on the site and improves the related modules;
  • DTP - a specialist, which is entrusted with fixing the layout of the page, publications, and quality content;
  • Account Manager - adviser, who helps to quickly grasp the essence of tasks and is always in touch.

The promotion of the site involves a real team of professionals who are passionate about what they do and know how to do promotion correctly. The result of the well-coordinated work of the specialists will be an increase in the number of visits to the site, increasing positions on the queries in the search engines, an increase in the number of new potential customers, and upgrading the functioning of the site as a whole and not only. We cover Odesa, Kyiv, as well as all of Ukraine, providing your site to the target audience (TA)!


Promoting a site - a staged process that requires high-quality execution of each work step. That's how our team works! We conduct optimization for search engines as follows:

  1. Analysis of competitors, market, and site audit. We check everything that can be checked: the available positions in search engines, the structure of the web resource, connected analytics services, usability, competitors' profile, etc. This stage allows us to develop the right promotion strategy.
  2. Changing the structure of the site. Specialists check the effectiveness of existing categories and adjust them for more convenient use.
  3. Semantic kernel. The success of a further promotion depends on the right keywords! Keywords are needed for content plans, effective internal relinking, external optimization, finding TA in Odesa, Kyiv, and not only.
  4. Elimination of technical problems. There are problems of technical nature in 90% of cases. And if they are not eliminated in time, the increasing likelihood of worsening the position of the site after the successful promotion and downgrading positions in search engines.
  5. Content. At this stage we create unique meta tags, develop a content plan and create terms of reference for copywriters.
  6. Improvement of usability. Often it is because poorly designed usability worsens the position of the site. We make the page comfortable and effective for users, working on a mobile version and layout.
  7. Off-Page SEO. One of the most important stages of the promotion of commercial websites. In this case, there is a purchase of unique high-quality links to third-party resources Odesa, Kyiv, and other regions of Ukraine and not only, which will become an advertising platform.

Only a consistent transition from one stage of optimization to another brings worthwhile results. For us, the quality of the promotion is important, because we are interested in long-term cooperation!



Query + 1-2 cities

Guarantee – in the TOP 60-80%

Minimum number of queries – 10

Only for UA sites

from 300 $/month

Low and medium-frequency queries without region

Guarantee – in the TOP 50-60%

Minimum number of queries – 15

Only for UA sites

from 400 $/month
Complex SEO

Queries to increase traffic

Guarantee – attendance increase of 15% or more

Minimum number of queries – 50

Only for UA sites

from 500 $/month

English keywords

Queries to increase traffic

Guarantee – attendance increase of 15% or more

Minimum number of queries – 50

from 700 $/month


pierre cardin 1
пьер карден 1
пьер карден одежда 1
канат стальной 1
канаты стальные цена 4
стальной трос 5
ремонт офисов Киев 10
ремонт частного дома Киев 6
ремонт дома Киев 7
зоомагазин Одесса 3
коляска для собак 7
домик для морской свинки 8
теплові насоси для опалення будинку 7
теплові насоси Київ 2
грунтові теплові насоси 8
vermeer купить 3
vermeer техника 1
гнб установка 6

How Much Does SEO Cost

The cost of website promotion in Odesa or Kyiv in each case is individual. The final price of SEO depends on the current position of the site in search engines, competition, current internal optimization, and promoted queries. To find out how much it cost to promote a certain site, contact a consultant of our company. We will analyze your resource, specify the scope of work, and indicate the exact cost of services.

The basic cost of positional SEO promotion of websites per month starts from 30 $/word combination. The minimum number of word combinations for promotion is 20 queries. Therefore the minimum price for website promotion is 300 $ per month. The base cost of complex SEO promotion of websites starts from 500 $ per month.

The main factors influencing the formation of monthly prices on the promotion of websites in Odesa or Kyiv are the level of competition in the niche, geographical targeting, the percentage of warranty on rendering in Google search, and the number of keywords in the positional advancement.

Guarantee issuance of positions in the TOP-10 for the search engine of 60% is given only for the duration of the contract. Usually, the typical SEO contract is concluded for one year with a monthly advance payment at the beginning of each month before the 10th day. The results are observed after 60-90 working days from the beginning of the work.


"When will I see the first results of SEO promotion?"

The exact timing of the website promotion depends on the actions of your competitors, the topic of the page, and the activity of search engines. You should not wait for the result of the promotion after the first month. It is necessary to gain confidence from search engines and meet the criteria nominated by them. Such a process takes about 3 months (minimum).

"How is the promotion of the site?"

During the SEO promotion of sites, we use strictly white promotion methods (thematic link exchange, search engine optimization, etc.). We do not expose the processed pages to possible sanctions from search engines.

"What should I provide you for promotion?"

For us to upgrade the site and perform its promotion, we need to have full access to it. If this is not possible for some reason, we will cooperate with the current site administrator, who will have to make all the changes specified by our specialists.

"What are the guarantees for website promotion in search engines?"

We guarantee to perform SEO optimization of the site and bring it to specific positions by the conditions specified in the contract.


Not only SEO but also website development in Odesa and Ukraine is what we do. We always give recommendations on usability and navigation improvement, optimize texts, and correct technical errors.

Each employee is passionate about what he does, performs it in an extremely professional manner, and does everything to achieve the best team results.

We care about the positive and qualitative effects of SEO. And we always get it!


We cooperate with market leaders and together we set and achieve important business goals.

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