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Project team:

Sergey Rieznyk
project management
Konstantin Parashchevin
Dmitriy Kachanov, Konstantin Parashchevin

About the project

"Ultrasvit" is responsive online store for the network of illumination, furniture and interior detail offline shops, developed on CMS "Bitrix: Site Management - Small Business".

There is an image banner in the top of homepage. Under it the latest collection of products is located. Below are the "Top Sales" and "Sale" blocks, and in the footer a feedback form.

Much work we have done on the functionality of the product cards and the order procedure:

  • The online store has implemented an adaptive shopping cart with pop-up messages. In the process of placing an order, the connection of the "NovaPoshta" module has been developed for quick selection of the delivery department.
  • Orders on the website can be made both through a personal account and without registration. In the latter case, the user is automatically recorded in the database by postal address. If necessary, this user can then enter the personal account using e-mail as a login.
  • In your personal account, you can edit personal data, monitor order history, cancel orders.
  • The product card contains a photo gallery with the possibility of enlarging the photo, as well as a description and characteristics. Information about the product can be shared on social networks. Below the block with the characteristics are displayed the card sliders "Related products" and "Similar products" .

The "Products" section is created using the catalog module and contains 9 subsections, each of them contains a unique filters. The following properties are displayed on the product list: sale, novelty and discount percentage. Sorting by price, alphabet, quantity and properties of the sale / novelty is also configured. Product characteristics, such as: name, price, stock availability imported and updated on a schedule using the .csv format.

"Styles" section allows users to quickly find the product they need in terms of interior style from the main menu. We did SEO promotion of the site for 1 year.

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светильники купить Хмельницкий 2
торшеры Львов 10
уличные светильники Хмельницкий 5

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