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Project team:

Sergey Zhigalkin
project management
Sergey Rieznyk
Vasiliy Maksimov
frontend, backend
Alexey Bosnak

About the project

The project "Total Concept Aesthetics" - is responsive site on the "Bitrix" site management system. The main page displays the maximum necessary information about the project:

  • Slider of professional work key aspects
  • 4 popular treatments 
  • Information about founder of the "TCA"
  • The main advantages of clinic
  • Information about the partners of "Total Concept Aesthetics".
  • Slider with customer reviews
  • Google map.

"Concerns" and "Treatments" sections are realized using infoblocks.
The pages of the "Concerns" section contains three components:

  1. Information about the problem
  2. Photos of the problem before and after specialists worked on it
  3. Type of solvation

The pages of the "Treatments" section contain basic and additional information contained in the tabs "About the procedure", "Question / Answer", "Photos before and after", "Video". If there is no information in the tabs, a more detailed description of the service is displayed. On the right side there is a slider with results of  treatment, below here is an animated slider with benefits of the treatment.

"Reviews", "Events", "Special offers" and "Press" are realized within infoblocks. In the "Video" section, the video that was added to the YouTube channel is automatically displayed on it.

The section "Choosing a procedure" deserves special attention. It is divided into two parts: "Face" and "Body". When choosing one of them, a corresponding picture appears with areas marked on it, when you click on them, possible medical / aesthetic problems appear on the selected part of the body or face. The list of problems is displayed using the info block "Concerns". When you select a problem, options for its solution are automatically highlighted from the "Treatment" section. 

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During the first 6 months in 2017, were provided services of the technical support. Step-by-step training of personnel on working with CMS 1C-Bitrix. We have done internal technical seo optimization. In 2022 we made localization to Ukrainian, and then to English language. Key moments:

  • monthly 2-hour site support on Bitrix CMS
  • training of personnel on working with Bitrix CMS
  • base seo optimization of the project
  • localization to En version

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