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Drupal Website Development

Cursor Web Studio makes small and high-quality projects on Drupal. Our team can build a website on Drupal to suit your individual needs. With Drupal, you get limitless possibilities of the framework and the convenience of a full-fledged CMS. The free modules of CMS can change the script and improve the functionality, giving full freedom to develop the project.
from 1200 $

The basic price of the project includes the design and layout of 8-12 pages, programming up to four information blocks, two or three feedback forms, a slider, 50 pages of information, and 50 photos.

"!" If an additional language version is added, the cost rises from 20 to 30%.

Drupal Website Examples

Сorporate Website
Model agency
Corporate website
Sales of pellets
Сorporate Website
Treatment for excessive sweating
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Why is it better to develop a website on Drupal?

Drupal is a free CMS that can be downloaded as a kernel or as an assembly with module sets. It is flexible in configuration, which makes it popular with developers.

Among the main advantages of Drupal are:

  • Open source code and a structure that ensures maximum flexibility of the system
  • Large selection of paid and free add-ons to extend the functionality
  • Easy to use and configure multilingualism.

Drupal is an open system which can be set up for different tasks. In a base complete set, the system has a simple set of functions necessary for CMS, but it is easily extendable through the connection of free modules. Generally, Drupal suits both professional developers, able to assemble their system configuration based on core, and beginners webmasters, who can use ready assemblies, that is why development results will depend on the programmers' skill level.

When choosing Drupal, its functionality must be correctly evaluated. It is effective when you want to create a decent and high-quality project, which will be characterized by stability and a high level of security.


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