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Catalog Website Development

Not everyone who wants to sell products online needs full-fledged online stores. To start successful sales of a wide range of goods, it is enough to have an online catalog! Responsive design for any device, an ordered product catalog with filters, quick order buttons, and calls to action.

from 2000 $

The basic price of the project includes design and layout of 8-12 pages, programming of the product catalog, two filters for the main characteristics of the goods, price and alphabetical sorting, presentation of the goods page, up to four information blocks, two or three feedback forms, placement of information on 50 pages and 50 photos.

"!" If an additional language version is added, the cost increases from 20 to 30%.

Catalog Website Examples

Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill
Manufacturer of cardboard and paper products
Zaporizhzhia factory of non-ferrous metals
Manufacturer of cable and wire products
Corporate website
Compound feed plant
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Successful development of every business implies promotion on the Internet. But not every company needs a full-fledged online shop. In some cases, creating an online catalog may be sufficient.

What is an online catalog ?

An online storefront is a website that contains information about the range of a particular brand or its services. It may present the available goods, their current price, and their main characteristics. All the information is used to get acquainted with the possibility of ordering products through a web form. An online showcase is an online shop without a shopping cart or personal cabinet.

Showcase is a kind of catalog of the company on the Internet.

Creating a catalog allows you to draw attention to a certain store/company's activity and increase final sales. Often the development of such a service is used for the first launch of a project on the Internet. This can be explained by the fast speed of showcase creation and its more affordable price. Especially if you order its launch in a turnkey format in our web studio.

Who needs an Online catalog ?

Storefront is a good choice for all those companies and shops which are willing to promote their products online, but have a niche range of products, or are not ready for a fully functional online shop with delivery and payment services. For example, a distributor of a particular brand or line of building materials - the online showcase of such a company may contain features of the products, recommendations for use, and examples of turnkey construction projects, where such materials have been used. Ordering products, in this case, occurs when the client directly communicates with the manager.

Also, the development of online catalogs will be actual for some offline shops. In particular - for those, which offer goods of limited sale. For example, a shop for tobacco or alcohol products. The sale itself is made through offline outlets (in Kyiv, Odesa, or any other city).

Various companies or real stores may need an Internet showcase: a tailoring studio, a handmade bag store, a MAF production company, furniture production, etc. No matter what products you sell and what services you offer, order the development of an online catalog in Kyiv or any other city at a bargain price you can in our web studio.

The main functionalities of online catalogs

The capabilities of online catalogs make them highly effective for businesses and comfortable for their customers. The main functions of such websites include:

Product demonstration All product cards are accompanied by descriptions, photos, characteristics, and prices.
Product selection. Filtering, sorting, and a search box are provided for quick searches.
Quick communication. You can enter your contact details to get in touch with the manager or create a dialog box.
Business promotion. Just like an online shop, the catalogue can be used to promote your company.
24/7 service. The catalog "sells" goods 24/7.

Developing an online catalog will allow you to increase the flow of customers from a specific region (Kyiv, Odesa, Khmelnytskyi, Zaporizhzhia, Vinnytsia). Regional linking of the website will ensure the attraction of the target audience only. As a result - maximum efficiency with a minimum budget.

Why the development of the online showcase is worth ordering from us?

CURSOR is a web studio, one of the top web development companies in Odesa, Kyiv, and Khmelnytskyi. For more than 14 years we carry out orders on the creation of various resources "on a turn-key basis" for the large and small businesses of Ukraine. Internet showcases are not an exception. You should order the development of such a site in the CURSOR web studio because:

  • We work on a turnkey basis. We fulfill all orders comprehensively: from the preparation of design to the adaptive layout.
  • We offer advantageous prices. Firstly, the cost of the online showcase itself is below the online shop at least 1.5-2 times. And secondly, all the services of our company have a loyal price.
  • We are doing a promotion. You can order from us not only the development of an online showcase but also its further promotion in the desired region (Kyiv, Odesa, etc.), for a given audience.
  • We solve complex problems. If necessary, we can integrate the showcase with 1C accounting, connect additional widgets, and more.

Our main principle: the rapid and high-quality turnkey orders. We are engaged in the creation of showcases that help our clients reach a new level of sales and significantly increase their business income. During its existence Web Studio CURSOR has successfully realized more than 15 such resources. The next one can be yours!


We cooperate with market leaders and together we set and achieve important business goals.

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