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Landing Pages Development Services

Need a quick start to sales and the advertising budget is low? A landing page with an adaptive design for all devices, custom HTML5 animation effects, call-to-action buttons, and the latest web technology for a successful sales.
from 600 $

The basic price of the landing page project includes the design and layout of 5 "screens" of the landing page, the programming of one or two information blocks, two feedback forms, a slider, and the information placement of 25 photos. Free advice on running an advertising campaign in Google Adwords and setting up Google Analytics.

"!" If you add an additional language version, the cost increases from 20 to 30%.

Landing Page Examples

Landing Page
Sale of cables and wires from non-ferrous metals
TCA Ultherapy
Landing Page
Rejuvenation clinic services
Electro Cable Group
Landing Page
Manufacturing of cable and conductor products
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Why do you need a landing page?

The Cursor web studio qualitatively develops a unique turnkey landing page for you in Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine. Place an order for the creation of an original and selling site with us - and you will not regret it!

How will creating a landing page help

Today, a landing page is one of the most effective tools for business promotion and development, increasing sales. A landing page is a landing page, a one-page site that prompts visitors to take a specific targeted action, such as ordering a product/service, registering, or signing up for a subscription. Landings collect user data, announce events, and sell one specific service or product.

Arguments for developing a landing page

Sales carried out exclusively offline often prevent the company from moving to a new level of development. The main reason is the management's ignoring of such a channel as the Internet. This, as a rule, applies to small businesses and small FPOs, which operate according to the rule: if something is sold normally "over the counter", why go online in addition?

Another part of entrepreneurs tries to sell their products through free services (for example, OLX), or offers their goods through marketplaces (for example, Rosetka). Of course, this gives an increase in the audience and recognition of the product. But behind the screen of free sales or through marketplaces, nuances are hidden, particularly paid advertising or the impossibility of naming a store/product.

In addition, there are niche products/services in various industries that are not quite suitable for sale "over the counter": in order to order, a presentation and demonstration of their best qualities is necessary. The sector of specific offers suffers more than others because many services provided in Kyiv or other cities of Ukraine cannot always be seen and touched.

For the listed cases, the solution will be the development of a website as a landing page - capable of giving a serious boost to sales growth. It can work in parallel with other channels, and often more effectively in combination with other sources of online advertising.

Ordering the creation of a landing page for an adequate price allows you to advertise even a specific product or service. Setting up and connecting additional Google Adwords advertising will give an opportunity to quickly increase the volume of sales, and company/brand recognition. Landing development can also be used for traffic from social networks: a link to a service (product, brand) website in profiles statistically increases trust in the product.

How to make the landing page effective

In order to understand whether a company in Kyiv needs a targeted one-page site, and how to approach the development process to maximize the effectiveness of the landing page, you need to consider:

  • what can be told about the product/service using the landing page;
  • what unique properties of the product can be useful for the client, what features of the product and requests of the target audience can be covered with its help;
  • how best to use or apply it;
  • prices, discounts, features of payment, delivery.

It is highly desirable to have high-quality photos of products/services and a video guide - these are real must-haves for creating a landing page.

If you have doubts about whether you need a landing page, leave a request on our website, describing the project and the goals that you would like to achieve with the help of the landing page. We will quickly tell you whether the development of a one-page site in our web studio can help solve the tasks of increasing sales and profitability, and calculate the final price of creating a site.

Key Features of Landing Pages

Testing audience interest in the new product/service. A visual presentation.
A natural incentive for the visitor to take targeted action. Quick answers to all questions from potential buyers.
Increasing conversions - turning traffic into sales. Announcement of promotions, discounts, and new products.
Effective collection of contacts of potential buyers. Expanding the target audience.
Increasing user confidence in the product/service. Demonstrating a positive reputation. Increasing brand/company awareness.

Why it is better to order a landing page from us

Entrust the development of a one-page site to us: we treat our work creatively and with maximum responsibility! Other reasons for creating a landing page in Odesa or other regions of Ukraine with the help of our Web Studio Cursor:

  • During the existence of the company, 20 effectively working landing pages have been created.
  • We will develop a one-page site of your choice on WordPress, Drupal, and Bitrix.
  • Individual approach and design – we will beautifully “package” your competitive advantages, competently formulate an actual USP, and offer for the target audience.
  • We draw all the graphics for the landing and unique images in our web studio.
  • Layout and thorough testing in all browsers plus 4 types of permissions.
  • We set up effective sales funnels taking into account customer behavior, as well as “capture” points. 

All the benefits of creating a landing page in our web studio are for you at an average market price.

The developments of web-studio Cursor received awards and high places in the IT rating in Ukraine, Kyiv, and Odesa. We will be happy to make a high-quality web design for you!

Leave a request: we will develop an original landing page on a turnkey basis in Odessa or other cities based on your requests, marketing, and business goals.


We cooperate with market leaders and together we set and achieve important business goals.

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