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Marketing tools

Integration with external services can help improve user interaction with your website and increase sales.

Our web studio can offer integration with various external services necessary for internet marketing or online sales. We can offer such integration only for CMS Bitrix, WordPress, or Opencart. We develop websites exclusively on these management systems and have experience in implementing various useful services for these "engines".


It is necessary to separate such services by type to understand why they are needed and whether they are needed at all. Not always the connection of such tools can lead to the expected results. However, one way or another - the most important thing is that such external services are properly installed and properly configured, both in the personal cabinet of the service provider and on the website. And then you can make your own decision about the effectiveness of the product and investment in its use and development.

Customization of services is carried out jointly with the customer's marketing department, service specialists, and developer, only with close cooperation and proper communication it is possible to get a good and quality result.

An important point, we do the configuration of external services only on the side of the site. The settings of the main algorithms and functions of the services are most often done in the personal cabinet and this internal configuration should be the responsibility of either the marketing department or a specific marketer of the customer's company. To achieve the right result, when setting complex integration tasks, it is necessary to maintain three-way communication: client - executor - service specialist. Our experience in implementing various services allows us to give recommendations on the necessity of using certain marketing tools for your site and connecting the right specialists of such companies to the dialog.

Mailing and notification services

  • Esputnik
  • Sendpulse

Customer acquisition and analytics

  • Setting up various links and uploads to/from Google Adwords
  • Installation and settings of Google Analytics and GTM
  • Installation and customization of FB Pixel


  • Binotel
  • FB messenger

Time of setting up any of the above services from 2 to 20 hours. The cost of work of a specialist in our web studio from 30$/hour. When setting a task, it is necessary to have formulated requirements for connecting to the service, access to a personal account, and a desire to communicate in a three-way dialog.

Want integration with external services?


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