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E-commerce Website Design & Development

We don't just make e-shops, we make profit-making e-shops! Adaptive design for all devices, user-friendly catalog and product filters, user-friendly checkout, website automation with accounting software, and the ability to get paid online without worrying - we know how to do it all so that you can generate income straight away.
from 3800 $

The basic price of the project includes the design and layout of 16-20 pages of the site, programming of the product catalog, two filters by main characteristics of the goods, price and alphabetical sorting, presentation of the goods page, up to four information blocks, two-three forms of feedback, goods cart, order placement, information placement in the amount of 50 pages and 50 photos.

"!" If an additional language version is added, the cost rises from 20 to 30%.

E-Сommerce examples

Pierre Cardin Ukraine
Clothes and shoes of the world brand
Illumination and decor store
Manufacturer of metalware
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Why do you need eCommerce??

An online shop is more than just an opportunity to reach a new audience. It is the only way to reach the global market, globalize business and increase profits. More than 80% of Ukrainians use the Internet every day. Approximately 35% of them regularly make online purchases. So far - at your competitors. But shortly they will be able to buy online and your products.

At Сursor Web Studio you can order the development of any type of shop: from a small landing page (to sell several products) to a complete marketplace (where products of different brands will be presented). Our company works with customers from Kyiv and other regions. All services are satisfied on a turnkey basis.

3 reasons to create an online shop

You should launch an online shop for several reasons. First of all, this business format is characterized by high profitability. An online store (including its creation, and promotion) is much cheaper than supporting a regular outlet in Kyiv or another city. And the number of its customers is many times greater. And it is limited only by the quality of advertising campaigns, and promotion efficiency.

Secondly, the online shop is more flexible in terms of sales. Here you can instantly implement any tools: advertising banners, promotions, interactives, discounts, and so on. This allows you to control the level of sales, and the number of orders, as well as analyze the target audience.

Thirdly, an online shop is the fastest way to enter the global market and start selling outside of Kyiv, Odesa, or other cities. Developing just one website will be enough to cover several regions and even countries. At the same time, the shop itself can be designed in several language versions. And its prices are in different currencies. Due to this, customers will be able to order goods not only from different cities but also from different countries.

What should a shop on the Internet be like?

To make sure that the e-shop will bring enough profit, it is important to take a responsible approach to its development. First of all, you must decide on the type of site. One-page landing pages are suitable for selling a small number of products. They are characterized by ease of development and easy maintenance. And to accommodate a wide range, you should choose full-fledged online stores with a catalog.

The second important feature is functionality. The online store has long ceased to be just an online storefront. Modern services allow customers to study the current assortment, place orders, take part in interactive activities, communicate with a consultant, and much more. Depending on the desired functionality, the following can be implemented in the online shop: a dialog box, a product filtering system, a section with promotional offers, etc.

And one of the most important components - design. The interface of the online shop should correspond to the preferences of the potential audience. Besides, it should be understandable, easy, and convenient to operate. The creation of such sites is engaged in our web studio. We carry out the development of online shops on a turnkey basis and take into account all the features of the target audience of the business, and the products sold.

Basic functionality of online stores

Audience expansion. The online store allows you to cover buyers from different regions, cities, countries: from Kyiv to Dublin. The scope depends only on the capabilities of your business.
Personalized product. You will be able to provide personal offers to potential customers, as well as useful information for them.
Round the clock work. While offline stores are open from 9:00 to 20:00, online stores sell 24/7 every day (even on weekends and holidays).
Qualitative analysis. An automated sales process allows you to track user actions throughout the entire order path: from product selection to delivery.
Launch speed. With the help of Cursor web studio, you can launch your full-scale store on the Internet in just a couple of weeks from the moment the business idea was born.

Why the development of the Internet shop is worth ordering from us?

Cursor is your reliable partner in starting an online business. Our web studio has extensive experience in developing online stores in Kyiv and other cities. The creation of each project is carried out on a turnkey basis. We are on our own:

  1. We analyze the niche and identify the features of competitors in order to develop a more effective online store;
  2. We draw a unique design for the site that matches the corporate style of the business and meets the main preferences of its target audience;
  3. We program the future Internet resource in full accordance with the required functionality;
  4. We adapt the finished site to all standard resolutions, computer and mobile browsers;
  5. Fill in the catalogs of the online store, set up filters, add discounts and more.

You only need to agree on future work before starting to create a resource and check the finished result after the store development is completed.

You only need to agree on future work before starting to create a resource and check the finished result after the store development is completed.

  • more than 13 years of experience in developing websites and stores on Bitrix;
  • work also with Opencart and Wordpress;
  • extensive experience working with the 1C system (integrated in more than 12 projects).

Our studio regularly takes top places in the IT Rating of Ukraine. For more than 13 years of work, we have successfully launched about 25 cool online stores that consistently bring profit to their owners. Next - we are ready to develop for you!

  • Competent assistance on the features of the future store (we will advise, prompt, help);
  • Expeditious development of an online store (we fulfill orders strictly on time);
  • Complex turnkey service (we not only develop websites, but also integrate them with 1C accounting);
  • Budget savings (we offer some of the best prices in Kyiv for the development of online stores).

As a bonus, you get a quality development of the store after its launch. Our team is engaged not only in the development of online stores, but also in their promotion: complex SEO, Google Adwords contextual advertising, etc.

But the main thing is that you are provided with a full-fledged online business, completely ready to work in Kyiv or another city. To get it at a loyal price, it is enough to order the service of creating an online store in our studio. To do this, fill out the order form on the site and do not forget to answer the call from our manager.


We cooperate with market leaders and together we set and achieve important business goals.

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