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DevOps courses in exchange for donations

DevOps courses in exchange for donations for the Ukrainian Defense Forces. Combine support for the Ukrainian army with professional development!

Approximately on July 6, training for a new, already fifth stream of courses on DevOps practices will start in exchange for donations for the military. The goal of the “Study for a Donation” initiative is to regularly raise funds for ammunition, supplies and medicine for the troops to the Democratic Ax NGO fund. Since mid-2022, 300+ students have acquired DevOps knowledge, including more than 100 military personnel. The total amount of the contribution transferred to the needs of defenders has already reached more than 4.6 million hryvnia.

The course teacher, technical director and co-founder of Tucha, Vladimir Melnik, will teach students how to work with such powerful tools as Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, GitLab, Ansible, etc.

After the course, participants will be able to:
• orchestrate the operation of containers in computing clouds;
• automate the deployment of environments and online services;
• use techniques to automatically perform the full CI/CD cycle;
• ensure reliability and availability of online services and effectively scale them to build an efficient infrastructure.

Detailed program and project details are available on the website

Join and invite everyone who is interested in development in DevOps and wants to benefit themselves and the army!
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